Who Are We

The travel bug 1st hit me once I studied abroad in national capital throughout my Junior year of school (Jan – could 2001). When having an out of this world semester of living in Europe and traveling to 20+ countries, I knew I needed to create a career out of traveling.
Two months when graduating faculty, I went to Republic of Korea to become a teacher. Once I was accepted for the work, I knew nothing regarding teaching (70% of my faculty categories were business related), however I saw teaching overseas as an excellent chance to measure and work abroad. And it for certain was! I neglected obtaining a company job and following “The aspiration,” as a result of it simply wasn’t on behalf of me.
And there’s without stopping see able. I’m planning to keep living my dream, and it sounds like I’m simply started. I’m going to visit each country on earth before turning thirty.
My final goal for doing what I do is to assist you start with traveling. I need to be the #1 resource for you once you believe traveling, and that i attempt to be a task model for the high school/college children who aim to become travelers.
If you’re still reading this, i need to thank for following my diary and travel recommendation — you guys mean the globe to me.
Happy Travelling,
Drew MacIntyre